• Collect 2024, ‘Perfect Imperfection’

    Collect 2024

    ‘Perfect Imperfection’ 28 February - 3 March 2024

    Charles Burnand Gallery will present ‘Perfect Imperfection’ at the 20th annual Collect Fair in Somerset House in London. Each of the pieces selected by Stewart, exemplifies the mastery and skill of the artists and their ability to celebrate the imperfections of their chosen materials to create exceptional beauty. 

    The carefully curated ensemble of works by these visionary artists and designers reflects the gallery’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of contemporary design and distinct emphasis on sustainable material and craftsmanship.

    “We’re delighted to return to Collect for our third year with an exciting presentation of both emerging and established artists,” says Stewart. “The diversity of materials, form, and perspectives on display speaks to our commitment to working with and championing artists and designers of exceptional talents, often from the earliest stages of their careers.” Simon Stewart - gallery founder.