Eye of the Collector

11 - 14 May 2022

Founded by Nazy Vassegh, Eye of the Collector is a platform comprising of a boutique London art fair, an accompanying online/social platform and a network of collectors spanning the globe.  Highly anticipated by the collector community, the second edition will kick off the London art and design season. Building on the format initiated in the inaugural edition last September, the fair will take collectors on a journey of artistic discovery in an historic mansion in the heart of London.


For Eye of the Collector, Charles Burnand will showcase seven pieces from its confident collection of classic and new designs in the gallery’s signature combination of tactile materials and striking form. 


“The historical, architectural masterpiece, Two Temple Place, is the perfect backdrop for the works Charles Burnand Gallery is presenting. The juxtaposition of 19th Century architectural grandeur and 21st Century collectable design creates a new narrative for our artists creations”  Simon Stewart.

Installation Views