Agathe Labaye & Florian Sumi

Agathe Labaye is an architect, Florian Sumi is a visual artist.
After a career in their respective fields, they began their collaboration in the spring 2018, with their first collection of furniture, entitled, Le Salon.


In 2019, they completed their first architectural project, the Hôtel de Pourtalès in Paris. More recently they designed the jewellery store, Statement, also in Paris. They believe that the architect is the craftsman of scales and passionate about a multitude of languages and eras.  Bringing their own distinct environments - art and architecture, to each project allows them to open a stylistic subject and a modus operandi of its own. Current projects include, realising a hairdressing salon in Paris, developing a concept of co-living residences, fitting out the space of a Parisian association and building several projects for private residences.

The emblematic approach of the duo: a desire to combine industrial vocabulary with that of craftsmanship.  The desire to reveal the signs of technique is achieved by visually supporting the codes of construction. The industrial element developed as a support that will accommodate the expressive element resulting from the work of craftsmanship.

Their stamp is therefore to reveal the mechanics that bind the elements together.

Aesthetically, they prefer the precision of detail to the spectacular, and are attached to the notion of permanence.