Callum Partridge

Callum Partridge, was born in Stroud, Gloucestershire, England.  During his formative years he was drawn to a community workshop where he first discovered his love of metal-work and silversmithing.  It was here that at the age of 13, that he made his first piece of jewellery and  went on to study Jewellery and Silversmithing at London Metropolitan University.  Following a 2 year residency, Callum returned to Stroud in 2020 to set up his own workshop.  


He draws his inspiration from the constant exploration of how every day objects and machinery works and are assembled. Drawn to clean forms and shapes, Partridge creates functional objects such as candlesticks, beakers, trays and boxes using traditional silversmithing techniques, exploring his ideas first with sketches on paper, but more often than not turning to the raw materials and letting his creations take form realtime. Many of his works are a natural progression, one object often leads to the next, the original design develops further to something new. In addition to sterling and Britannia silver, Partridge  works with stainless steel, brass, nickel, bronze and titanium; the variety of materials allowing him to explore a broad colour palette.